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Over the past few weeks a lot of buzz has being going on in the Social Networking world, with sites like StumbleUpon releasing a new sharing tool and Digg removing user’s profile links and then putting them back, in this post I’ll give you a quick round up of what’s being happening.

Lets start with Digg, as usual Digg continues to generate a lot of buzz with some of the actions they undertake, first it was the power users banning spree with the accusation of script usage, then the confirmation of the “Auto Burying” and imposing a limit of daily diggs per users (200 max), go over it and you will see a message like this one appear on your screen.


The latest and most outrageous of them all was removing personal links from users profiles, that had such a bad repercussion that Digg had to go back on their decision, first time I’ve seen Digg do such a thing in a short period of time.

Meanwhile social bookmarking site Furl has been acquired by Diigo, another social bookmarking site that has been around since 2006. Diigo labels itself as a research and knowledge sharing tool, with the acquisition of Furl and the TwitterThis feature that allows users to share their finds on Twitter while still browsing the net, Diigo aims to take social bookmarking to new heights. More about Diigo coming up in future posts!

Talk about social networking sites and not mention Twitter is like playing football without a ball, impossible. This past week Kevin Rose launched a new Twitter Directory called WeFollow.

WeFollow lists top twitters in various categories including Celebrity, Tech, Music, News, Actor, Social Media and hundreds more. To get yourself listed all you need to do is send a @ message to @wefollow like this @wefollow #cat1 #cat2 #cat3, where cat represents the category where you want to be listed.

And last but not least, StumbleUpon’s new sharing tool; finally the social bookmarking site has added this handy feature that allows users to share their finds with all their friends at once. All you have to do is hover over an image on your favourite bookmarks page and the share button will appear on the bottom right hand corner.


Click on it, select as many friends as you want, add a personal message if you like and hit Share now. Couldn’t be much easier, eh?

This has turned into a really long post but there you have it, all the latest buzz from the top social networking sites!

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