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SMS Marketing – Hotxt the new Skype?

Hotxtlogo_txt_flash.gif It’s a subscription based text messaging service, which uses the internet to send your messages.

Co founder Doug Richard (the American guy, who is on the Dragon’s Den panel), seems to think the service can save users hundreds of pounds a year, “SMS text messaging typically costs 5-12p per message whereas the Hotxt user’s average text message cost is a fraction of a penny,” states the firm’s online literature.

“For someone sending seven texts a day that represents a reduction of their bill by 75 per cent, a saving of over £210 per year.”

Rather than paying per text message, this service offers unlimited texts after paying a one off fee of £1 per week.

I’ve just subscribed and have to say the install and subscription was smooth and very simple. Like with Skype, you just need most of your contacts on the service as well, to really benefit.

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