seo round up – june09

Without a doubt June has been the most exciting month so far this year for the SEO community, a bunch of new products have been announced and introduced not to mention a new Search Engine, in case you missed all the action here is a quick round up of what happened.

In the beginning of the month, Digg surprised its community by removing its shouts systems, this action divided Digg’s community and raised the question: Is Digg a Better Place without Shouts?

Straight after that came one of the most exciting news of the whole month, Microsoft launched Bing with a record breaking marketing campaign of $100 million.

To outshine Bing, Google announced on the same day two new products to revolutionise customised search, real time communication and file sharing. The first is Google Squared, a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web for any topic you specify and it is already available for users.

The second is due to make its day view later this year, its name, Google Wave, a real time communication platform that combines aspects of email, wikis, web chat, social networking, project management and file sharing all in one powerful in-browser communication client.

After two weeks from its launch, Bing’s first statistics showed an increase in its market share by 2% and that was enough to raise Sergey Brin eyebrows, Google’s co-founder himself will be leading a team of search engineers that will study Bing’s algorithm to determine where it differs from the one he created together with his classmate Larry Page back in 1998, more about it here: “Fear Grips Google” says the NY Post.

And last but least the announcement by Matt Cutts that PageRank Sculpting could no longer be performed using the nofollow tag in links, this sent a shockwave over SEO community with the proportions of a tsunami, for detailed information about this announcement you can read: Tofollow or Nofollow: That is the Question.

That is all the action from the search engine optimisation world, hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more.

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