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Search Still Rules for Retailers

A new report by Forrester looked into the behaviour of shoppers who completed purchases and came up with some very interesting information.

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Less than 1% of purchases online came from social media

39% of orders by new customers came from search results


The Forrester research, conducted in April 2012, monitored 77,000 online transactions.

The message is clear, eCommerce businesses should focus more attention on search engine optimisation and email marketing, rather than social media.

‘Direct Visits’ to a store account for the highest proportion of paths to the transaction. Often with multiple touch-points on the way such as emails, search visibility and display advertising.

Following ‘Direct Visits’ search engines generate the next biggest driver with a 39% share.

Repeat shoppers are most interactive with email. The report suggests that almost a third of repeat customers were generated having received an email.

Social Media, whilst accounting for only 1% of shoppers in this study still has a part to play.  It can be a great brand builder, a way to communicate less formally with your consumers and it is a major aide for building your search engine rankings.

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