SEO; It is not as Easy as it Seems

Continuing from where we left off in our last post with Google starting to dominate the search market and, setting the rules to how webmasters and SEOs should optimise their sites to be indexed, gain visibility and ranking their sites high on the SERPs.

The job of an Search Engine Optimiser it not only knowing how the Search Engines algorithms work, that in fact nobody knows, except the Search Engines themselves; a good SEO must have knowledge in a variety of subjects.

In my opinion, it is of great importance to the SEO to have basic to intermediate knowledge in coding, when I say coding I’m referring to HTML, PHP, CSS and other coding languages used to build websites, because the SEO needs to know how to identify and change tags in websites’ codes.

Going back to the second paragraph, as nobody knows the exact formula to rank high in the SERPs, the job of a SEO is based on tests and experiments to understand the formula of these algorithms, not only the results to these experiments take time to show up, SEs (search engines) are regularly updating their algorithms, so what works today might not be so important tomorrow.

Writing skills are a must have, as SEOs are constantly creating new content by writing articles, blog posts, meta descriptions and new pages to their client’s websites, this takes us to another obstacle in a SEO’s career.

Most search engine optimisation agencies/companies have diverse clients in a variety of different fields which forces SEOs to be tuned in on the latest trends and news regarding their clients industry to write authoritative and appealing content to their client’s website or blog.

Blogs and social networking sites are becoming more and more popular, not to mention that SEs are giving more importance to links posted on these sites and the extremely high potential to drive traffic, the SEO that has or is building a reputation online will stand out in the crowd, to prove a point here there is already another faction of search engine optimisation called Social Media Optimisation.

All this is what makes search engine optimisation such an interesting, challenging an exciting career.

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