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According to Hitwise, Google continue to dominate the search industry with more than 60% of the market share worldwide. In the US and UK numbers are even higher, US Google has over 70% market dominance while in the UK it has hit the 80% mark.

On the 24th February Hitwise announced the results of a four week monitoring on search conducted in the US. The results showed that Google is accounting for 72.09%, Yahoo 17.81%, MSN 5.44% and Ask 3.31%, and other search engines accounted for the remaining 1.35%

On the year-to-year percentage change, Google was the only search engine that had increased by 9%, no surprise there.

They also reported an increase in longer search queries, 5+ words length queries have an increased by 10% comparing January 2009 to January 2008. While shorter search queries, averaging 1 to 4 words in length, have decreased by 2%.

This is good news for SEO companies who have being making use of the long tail and also tells us that searchers are getting savvier when searching and expecting more relevant results.

Google seemed to have “predicted” that and increased search experience with two new improvements for longer search queries.

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