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It’s common here at Hedgehog HQ for businesses to ask us why their site fails to rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We take a look at one of the most common things we tend to find.

Search Engines Ranking

Frequent SEO related questions we receive include:

My web designer said they’d set my site up for SEO but why can’t I find it in Google?
Why doesn’t my website show up in Google for the right keywords?
I have loads of great content, so why won’t my website rank?

Very often, when we take a look at the website, it is clear that the ‘head section’ is not being used effectively.

The head section is the important ‘behind the scenes’ part of your website that gives Google a preview of your website.

One of the important ways to help Google understand what your website is about, is to make sure your keywords, (the words you want to be found in Google for) are present in your website title, description and keywords.

It’s also important that the content visible to the visitors on your pages is also optimised to include your keywords, but don’t make the mistake of overlaoding your keywords all over the page thinking Google will rank you higher. Once or twice is enough, or whenever it is appropriate for the page.

If it does not look natural to your website visitors, the chances are that it will not appear natural to Google. This could result in Google overlooking, or even banning your webssite.

The rule of thumb is to write content for your web vistors, not search engines.

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