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Search Engine Promotion – Look no further than Google

muscles.jpgThree out of every four UK searches are made using Google. That’s the latest statistic, which has been produced, independently, by WebSideStory.

These figures, which state that the UK are bigger ‘Googlers’ than the Americans (UK 74.67, USA 55.39%), will have a major impact on companies that are looking to drive traffic to their website. Basically, if you are not listed in Google in the UK, you will be missing out on threequarters of the UK searchers.
The other search engines really did feature poorly:

U.K. Search Engine Market Share, February 2006

U.K. Search Engine Search Engine Referral Share
Google 74.67%
Yahoo 9.30%
MSN 5.46%
AOL 4.21%
Ask Jeeves 2.28%

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