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Search Engine Promotion: Big Daddy Takes a Fall

Search Engine Promotion: Big DaddyIn a previous post Big Daddy Arrives I mentioned that there may be future changes to Google.

And Boy it looks like there has been!

After Big Daddy was finished around the start of April, people started reporting major problems, some sites were reporting 99% plus of there pages disappearing from Google’s index.

I have seen problems fist hand with client sites losing a lot of Google exposure, resulting in a loss of business.

The problems may be related to other issues. Google’s CEO recently admitted that some of there machines were full “We have a huge machine crisis”.

So there maybe undisclosed problems with the computers that Google uses to provide its service – though with the amount of cash that Google generates, one does have to question why they are in that situation.

It could be a separate issue, that there was a momentous foul-up in the roll out of the new algorithms, that had unintended consequences.

The widespread concern with the SEO community has been noticed by more main stream press, with the Register doing an article last Thursday.

There are steps you can take to help protect your situation, we have been very active in making changes and working on our clients’ sites – whist not an overnight solution we have had some success in making sure their pages are exposed in Google’s index.

I’ll comment more on what we are doing to resolve the Google issues once are tests have been fully processed.

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