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Search Engine Optimisation Tips: Google Changes

A few SEO tips on how to handle a selection of recent Google changes.

Google have been at it again with further algorithm changes in their bid to improve their search results.

Here’s a few tips on how to handle a small selection of the Google changes;

  1. Fresher content in Google search results is one of the more obvious changes Google have made recently. Therefore it’s more important now than before to have a news section on your website. Blogs do this job very well and open up more possibilities to enhance your website SEO.
  2. Official websites are getting a Google boost. Seems the search giant is ranking official websites even higher on their result pages. The change is intended to provide the users with more relevant and authoritative results. Think Apple’s main site will get more kudos than review sites, or blogs when discussing Apple products.Contact Hedgehog Digital now for SEO Bedford services.
  3. The page header and footer are no longer the key indicators they once were. No surprise here, but what it does mean is that links from the actual content body of the page are more valuable than a comment or text link advert in the footer.
  4. The “exact anchor text” backlinks have been abused and again have had an¬†overhaul. You should be looking at adjusting your “exact anchor text” and using varied phrases to point at your pages now.

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