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When it comes to on-line marketing, Search Engine Optimisation appears to be one of those ‘extras’ people are familiar with but know very little about; so for a brief and simplistic overview of Search Engine Optimisation, read on.

The main purpose of SEO is to improve your rankings in the main search engines over and above your competitors and bring relevant traffic to your website, by relevant traffic we mean people who don’t just land on the home page and then leave, they come, have a look around and hopefully, sign-up/make a purchase.

SEO comes down to three fundamental principles:

Link building: Improving internal links into the site by getting quality links from other relevant sites and Directories. One good quality, relevant link, can be worth up to 100 times more than a poor quality link.

Page Optimisation: Optimising each page for its content allows the search engines to know exactly what the page is about; content is the main reason your customers and search engines come to your site. This content should be well written and easy to read, informative, well structured and optimised for relevant search terms/keywords.

Last but definitely not least, Blogging: Having a Blog attached to your site can improve SEO hugely depending on how well the Blog is maintained. By writing a few Blog posts each week, you keep the site fresh with new keyword rich content; the site will appear to be active and well maintained, therefore encouraging the search engines (and your visitors) to keep coming back.

Ideally, you should update your Blog around 5-10 times a week. The posts should also be interesting to your visitors and a place where you can promote your recent achievements and forthcoming events, you and your visitors can look forward to in the future.

Please feel free to discuss SEO and your website in more detail, contact us.

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