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Our Cookie Opt-In Solution

On May 26th, the EU Privacy Directive begins to be enforced in the UK. We’ve developed a solution which will assist you in complying with the new ruling.

Cookie Opt In

How does it work?

When a visitor browses to a website with our Cookie Opt-In solution for the first time, the visitor is shown a banner asking for their consent to cookies. The banner explains which cookies the website intends to set, and gives the visitor the option to consent or to deny each type of cookie. As well as being able to consent to cookies for the website they visited, the banner allows the visitor to consent to cookies for all websites which uses our solution.

These cookies are completely anonymous, non-trackable, and are only used to remember the visitors preferences.

Our solution allows visitors to consent or deny different types of cookies, giving them more control over what they see on the web.

Will this make me compliant?

Using this solution is not a guarantee of compliance with the new law. You are responsible for the cookies which your website sets. This plugin is designed to help you gain consent for (and control the usage of) cookies on your website. After installing, you should carefully assess your use of cookies to ensure it complies with the new law and make sure you have an up-to-date privacy policy.

Please get in touch with us through our contact form if you would like us to update your website.

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