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Online Marketing Experiment

A recent blog post at the Marketing Experiments Journal really caught my eye.

The journal runs online marketing experiments, to see what works online. What I found really interesting in this experiment is they also tested the intuition of a number of marketing professionals.

Here is a highlight from the article.
Which subject line would perform the best…?

1. Test Your Marketing Intuition

2. An MEC Invitation: Test Your Marketing Skills

3. So You Think You’re A Marketing Expert? Prove it here..

What do you think would perform best?

The marketing team voted; 3 – top, 1 – 2nd, 2 – last.

Actual Results


Number 2 got the best open rate and number 3 received the best click through rates.

This online marketing experiment shows that intuition alone does not always stand up, so TEST, TEST, TEST.

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