Alan Spurgeon

On Fonts And The Look Of Your Website

Whether you have a simple webpage, a blog or a fully-fledged dynamic website, new visitors to your site will either stay and read more or leave and never return based on some very subjective criteria. Not least of these is the “look and feel”. If your site looks “right” they will most likely read a little further, if it looks “wrong” you’ve lost them before you’ll lose them right there. For this reason, it is vitally important that your site “feels right”.

One of the most important, and unfortunately one of the most overlooked, is font selection. Choosing the right font can go a long way towards attracting the visitor you need, while choosing the wrong one can give the wrong impression entirely.

Helpful souls that we are here at , we have created a handy little webpage where you can experiment with some of the more common fonts and see what they all look like. Furthermore, we have scoured the web for you and found this guide to web safe fonts, to help you chose the best font for your site.

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