New Legal Requirements for Websites and Email.

Some recent changes to the law that you should be aware of came into effect on the 1st of January, 2007:

Your website should now clearly display the following:

• The name of the company operating the website
• Registered office (for limited companies)
• Company registration number and place of registration
• A postal and email address
• VAT number, if VAT registered (even if not an e-commerce site)
• The name and membership details of any trade or professional bodies the company is a member of

It’s also good practice to have contact and company details as it reassures users like to know that the site they are visiting is legitimate.

Showing any trade, accrediting or professional bodies like the BCS or your ISO 9000 assessor is just common sense – It is worth linking back to any such bodies and if possible getting a link from them to your site from their directory of members, if they have one.

This information doesn’t have to be visible on every page of your website, though it is recommended that you put the information on the contact us page of your site, as a minimum.

If you are unsure if your site meets the new standards contact us for help.

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