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New Domain Name for Mobile – .Mobi

.mobi domain nameMonday 1500 hrs GMT – 22nd May 2006, saw the launch of the domain name .mobi.

The domain has been created to help the use of browsing through a wireless mobile device. The idea being that content at the .mobi domain will support mobile browsers. It also highlights the adoption of browsing through a mobile device.

Until May 29th 2006, registrations are being accepted from companies that are in the mobile industry. From the middle of June 2006, holders of trademarks can register, then September opens registrations to the general public.

It will be interesting to see what kind of take up the .mobi domain gets, as there is nothing to stop a website at any domain extension building a site for mobile use. In fact some industry players are suggesting that adding a .mobi domain is just over complicating matters and that there are enough domains available already.

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