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It has been just over 7 weeks since I started work at Hedgehog. In this time I have worked with the Development and SEO teams, taking in a great deal of knowledge from both.

During the first 3 weeks, I worked with the Development team and learnt a lot about PHP, MYSQL, HTML and CSS. From the small amount of knowledge I already had and the knowledge I have gained, I now have enough knowledge to make a nice dynamic site using coding from all sides.

An example of this would be making a site built from HTML and CSS using Div’s and some styling from a basic template and then using some PHP, which allows the site to get information from a MYSQL database. Before I can get the information, I must create a database connection, from a simple site I can setup so each link gets its own data using a “SELECET*FROM” query so, when a link is pushed, the data is taken and put into the targets I have chosen such as the main Div.

After learning some coding I then moved across to work with the SEO team, where I was assigned a site to identify some keywords for page optimisation. Once I found some good keywords I started to put them into the site, changing certain phrases to make them suit the sites purpose. Other tasks consisted of link building, changing page titles, adding pages and also writing some Blog Posts.

So that’s my time so far and, as I am now getting a new contract at the end of this month, this time next year, I will be developing SEO friendly sites using the knowledge I have gained from my time at Hedgehog.


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