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Mozilla Firefox 4.0 released

The new version of Mozilla Firefox appeared on the Mozilla server this evening. It’s a very early version and is called Minefield, signed with code 4.0a1pre.

The new version is so fresh that after installation, it redirects to the site on the Mozilla server which doesn’t exist yet. The Interface is very similar to the one we know from Firefox 3.0, however the latest version archive is much smaller, therefore in comparison to the 3.0, the Firefox 4.0 functionality has been reduced.

During our short test we noticed that Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is very stable and loads websites as fast as Firefox 3.0.


Preview of TH UK in Firefox 4.0.

The Firefox 4.0 version is still under development and it’s stability is not guaranteed, so you shouldn’t use it when you expect 100% reliability, or use it in systems working 24/7/365.

A nightly compilation of Mozilla Firefox 4.0 can be downloaded from Mozilla ftp server:

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