michael jackson – king of pop and the internet

Within an hour of Michael Jackson dying, the Internet was flooded with users searching for more information on his death, or simply to confirm what they’ve heard on the streets or watched on TV was true, the King of Pop was dead!

Hours after MJ’s death, 30% of all Tweets were about Michael Jackson, which led the terms Michael Jackson and MJ to be featured on Twitter’s trending topics, two weeks after the death both terms are still there at the top of Twitter’s trending topics.

Major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo recorded huge traffic for Jackson-related searches. On Facebook, Michael Jackson is already more famous than Obama and the King of Pops’ page on the social networking site is the most popular with 6,708,180 fans, 3 hundred thousand more than the US President’s page.

Michael’s tunes have been download more than 2.6 million times and the video Thriller is the most viewed on YouTube with 50 million views. But the biggest winner with MJ’s death was the site that broke the news on the web. TMZ.com traffic rose 70% attracting 7.95 million visitors in the week that ended June 28.

Today Michael’s memorial service will be held at the Staple Center in L.A and the event is expected to be the biggest online ever, which will put to the test the Internet infrastructure and web servers around the globe, as millions are expected to follow the service via the Internet.

Experts believe the event will be the MOST WATCHED ONLINE EVENT EVER, surpassing Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony.

Facebook and MySpace users will also have the privilege to watch it online thanks to an alliance made with major media companies, Facebook teamed up with CNN Live while MySpace made a partnership with the entertainment group AEG and both will be live streaming videos of MJ’s memorial service.

Sure, millions of Michael Jackson’s fans will be in front of a TV or a computer screen during the service, but not the lucky winners of one the 8,750 pairs of tickets raffled over the weekend via an online lottery, 17,500 lucky fans won a chance to go and see The Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service live at the Staple Center today. These tickets are like Willy Wonkers Golden Tickets – priceless, how much would you pay to get your hands on one?

According to MJ’s family more than a dozen famous artists, singers and sports personalities will be involved in the 90 minute service which will feature performances from Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Usher, John Mayer and 12 year old Britain’s Got Talent contender Shaheen Jafargholi hand picked by the Jackson Family to a tribute to the late King of Pop.

According to Michael’s family the list is a subject to change as other big-name stars could be fitted in at the last moment.

Will you be watching tonight’s good bye to the King of Pop, if so where will you watch it, on TV or via the Internet? Please leave your answer in our comments.

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