Local Search Volume on Google Keyword Tool

Google Adwords keywords suggestion tool is now showing local search volume, the new feature will be handy for SEOs that operate in different countries that speak the same language.

Here at Hedgehog the majority of our clients are based in the UK, with the local search volume we will be able to identify specific keywords with a high search volume in the UK and improve even more our search engine optimisation services by providing to our client’s sites what I would like to call a geo-targeted keyword research, e.g keywords with a high search volume in America might not have the same search volume here in the UK.

From Google:

Local Search Volume: [Last Available Month]
This column shows the approximate number of search queries matching each keyword result. This statistic applies to searches on Google and the search network in the most recent month for which we have data. It’s specific to your targeted country and language as well as your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If we don’t have sufficient data for a particular keyword, you’ll see not enough data.”

Here are a couple of snapshots comparing results for the term “” using Google.co.uk and Google.com keyword tool. Notice that I use the Match Type: “Exact” which gives me exact numbers for the term I’m looking for.

google.co.uk local search volume


google.com local search volume

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