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Link Exchange and Long Tail Miracles

Link exchange is one of the strategies that gives spin off effect to the famous long tail campaign. Learn how to milk different streams of keyword traffic with smart link building.

Link Exchange and Long Tail MiraclesBoth link exchange and long tail strategies are not new to the market. But unlike link building – the long tail strategy became popular only this year. Many Internet marketers jumped on this train and started to explain its advantages. I will briefly explain what is long tail about and then will show how you can reach spin off effect from combining link exchange and long tail.

The core of Long Tail is to play with the keyphrases that include 2, 3, 4 and more keywords. As the keyphrases with many words are long, this strategy is called Long Tail. The reason for going ‘long tail’ is evident. Many popular keywords are already taken by companies that have been in online business for years and gained dozens (and some
hundreds) of thousands of backlinks on these keywords. For example, try to grab top position in Google for ‘investment’ or ‘traffic’ or ‘diet.’ It is possible, but don’t kid yourself to get there in a matter of weeks. If you don’t cheat search engines, then you’ll need months. And that should be huge daily job about content building and link building with your site.

But if you approach your niche with smart eye, you will see that there are many keyphrases that get lesser amount of traffic, but they are not so competitive. Plus – the longer is the keyphrase, the more targeted is your visitor. If someone searches for ‘vacation’ it is not necessary that this person is going to buy a vacation tour to Paris.
But if the person is searching for ‘Paris vacation tour’ or ‘free forex trading system’ or ‘download free 50 Cent MP3’ – you can bet these people are really motivated to get what they are searching for.

Thus you can make a nice research about the keywords in your niche and find 10 longer keyphrases about your business, and these phrases will be delivering smaller amount of traffic, but traffic of higher quality.

Now the simple math works.

Is it better to get traffic on 1 keyword with 10,000 monthly searching volume or 10 phrases that have 2,000 monthly searching value EACH?

The smart answer is to use both variants. But most probably for that one top keyword the competition is much higher. And spending the same efforts you can reach top positions in natural search results with 10 easier keyphrases. Moreover, the conversions from this traffic will be much better, because picking proper long tail keyphrases you pre-qualify your traffic.

So, if you see that your niche is really tough and getting top position on the major keywords is very difficult, don’t lose hope. I am definite that some efforts invested into digging good long tail keywords will give you a shortcut to top positions. I have seen and practised this many times for my sites and sites of my clients – it works. You just need to be a little creative and persistent.

And another tip. Your longer keyphrase can have more competitive keywords inside, and this will produce extra effect for these more competitive keywords too. For example, the long tail keyphrase ‘automatic link exchange’ has ‘link exchange’ in it. So if you manage to score nice on the ‘automatic link exchange’, you will have extra boost on ‘link exchange’ as well.

And now the issue of bounding long tail with link exchange. As you know proper keywords in anchor will jump your position in search engines; the more backlinks with these keywords, the higher your position.

The beauty of link exchange is that you can play with unlimited number of different long tail anchors during ONE link exchange campaign. It is about some routine if you do it manually, because you have to paste different anchor texts. But don’t take it as a problem because there are automated solutions that make it easy. You just submit as much anchors as you need, and the solution automatically submits them during link building. You have 10 long tails – no problems, have 20 – no problems, pick 50 or 100 long tails – doesn’t matter, it is not you who will do it, this can be done by a program.

There is one pitfall about long tails. When picking them, you must understand that these long tail keyphrases have better effect when a visitor who came to your site after clicking this phrase sees something relevant. For instance, ‘cheap Paris vacation’ that brings a person to the site with cheap Madrid vacation will ruin the whole picture. So, be reasonable, either pick the long tails that will be logical when people get to your site or land them to special pages.

With wise implementation of this strategy you can set your sites to receive multiple streams of stable traffic from lots of niche keywords.

Article by: Nick Bokhonok

Authors Website: Automatic Link Exchange Script


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