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A while back I wrote about the importance of Link Building for a successful SEO campaign, I gave a brief description about inbound links and talked about relevancy, authority and anchor text in inbound links.

Link Building is most time consuming part of a search engine optimisation campaign, it involves various techniques in order to actually get other sites to link to yours. In this post I’ll go through some of the most common techniques used to build links for a website.

First I would like to talk about an obsolete link building technique that many SEOs don’t use it anymore but it can result very effective from time to time. Sending email to relevant sites asking webmasters or site owners to link to yours can be time consuming and results are not as rewarding as they should.

Most of the emails sent are never replied, but the ones that are can result in a good and relevant link to your site.

Another technique that SEOs not given too much attention nowadays but it can also help, is submit your site to Directories, the internet is flooded with directories you can submit your site to, if you pick 4 or 5 every time you are link building, that should do the job, the good thing here is that many Directories let you put the title of your link, so make sure you use your target keywords there.

Joining forums where you can add links to your signature are a good way to build links, because every time you post a reply or start a new thread, the link to your site will be there in your signature, the trick here is to choose relevant forums to your targeted niche and be careful not to be seen by other as a spammer. Take it easy, don’t go mad in posting threads and replies or you will end up getting yourself banned from the forum.

Blog comments are also a good way to build links, the problem here is that almost every blog has a no-follow attribute in those links so you they don’t let the link juice flow to other sites. These links might not help your rankings but they can direct relevant traffic to your site.

Articles are another good way to build links, write an article about the main theme or you site and submit it to articles directories for approval, with articles there are two places where you can add a link to your site, first is in the author signature and second in one place in the article itself, most article directories only allow you to do that once in each article, so pick one of your targeted keywords and link back to your site.

And last but not least social bookmaking, this technique is only good if you have a blog on your website, if you don’t already, our web development team can assist you with that problem. With social bookmaking you can submit your posts to a variety of social media sites, these submissions will have a link back to your site and in most cases these links are the title of your post, so make sure you include your targeted keywords in your titles.

If you follow these guidelines pretty soon your site will have hundreds maybe thousands of links. Remember when it comes down to link building every little helps.

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