Keyword Research Implementation

On my last post I talked about on page optimisation, with a quick and simple guide of how to optimise on page elements in order to improve the page rankings.

One the first things I mentioned was how important keyword research is prior to the page optimisation, in this post I will give a more detailed explanation of how to perform and implement keyword research in other areas of the search engine optimisation process.

First of all, brainstorm a list of ‘search terms’ related to your business, once you have a list of ‘search terms’ that you are happy with, start the research to discover which keywords are popular (competitive), which ones have the more ‘hits’ and which ones are relevant to your business.

Now you have a list of keywords to optimise your site, it is time to start implementing these keywords on the page and in other areas of your site. It is very important to prioritise your work, I suggest you order the work by Hierarchy, start from the top level pages and work your way through.

When implementing keyword research there are 3 important tasks that need to be followed:

1 – On Page Changes – This on page optimisation walkthrough explain all the on page elements that need to be optimised.

2- Site Architecture and Linking Structure – You need to develop a good hierarchy flow, using the right anchor texts and pointing links to the right pages, this task is always good to be done with the help of a web development team.

3 – Special Cases – Imagine that you added a new page to your site and this page is targeting a really important keyword, you have optimised all the on page elements, but that alone won’t be enough to improve the rankings of that page. For these cases you need to, first point more links from the pages of your to this page using the targeted keyword as anchor text and create some viral content and spread out to see if you get other sites to link to that page using the keywords as anchor text, Articles and blog post are a good alternative here.

To sum things up, one thing that you need to have in mind is the more competitive the keyword the more time and more work will be needed before you start seen improvements in your rankings.

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