Jeeves returns to Ask after a 3 year layoff

Jeeves – The mascot of the Ask.com search engine has been brought out of retirement to help re-launch Ask in the UK. The New Jeeves is now in a new 3d form.


The results from a ‘YouGov’ poll for Ask revealed UK users found Jeeves had 83% brand awareness, even after retiring three years ago as opposed to Ask.com’s 72% awareness. The Ask team acknowledged bringing Jeeves back to the UK was the right move.

Cesar Mascaraque MD of Ask in the UK says 

“Our users have emphatically told us that they find Jeeves enhances their search experience – adding character to what can otherwise be a very functional experience. They see Jeeves as approachable and trustworthy and, above all, helpful”

To promote Jeeves return, the Ask UK team will backup the new 3D Jeeves character with a major marketing and PR push. Ask say they will be using TV advertisements , radio advertisements, print and online marketing, plus Ask UK will also create a Facebook fan page and Twitter account to continue promoting Ask Jeeves in the social media space.

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