Alan Spurgeon

Is there anyone at home????

During my career, I have seen many changes in the business world and without exception, the growth of the internet and in particular, websites and marketing blogs have been meteoric. That being said, it’s not a bad thing as, now we have opened up the markets to so many smaller companies, trading is now on a global scale even for this particular sector.

In the past there has always been a formula for the correct amount of money to be allocated to a marketing budget, whether it be by whatever can be afforded at the time or as a percentage of turnover, whichever, it never seems to be enough, However when it comes to a web-based company, the marketing budget generally tends to be forgotten or at best extremely miniscule in its relevance and amount.

Obviously it is important when building a new site, to ensure that it is search engine friendly and optimised to encourage easy access and to be found quickly. Now, although this is absolutely essential, it is quite often forgotten, especially blogging on a regular basis, or the site is designed in such a way, even utilizing the most up to date Flash designs, that these can quite often deter from encouraging this easy access, enabling the site to be found.

If one was to open a new shop, for example, it would be commercial suicide to design and fill a shop with beautiful things but forget to put in a front door. Perhaps this is a bit harsh, but many good ideas and great designed websites become the worlds best kept secrets. This being said I see it week in and week out where advertising budgets just do not exist and companies tend to not advertise or launch their company sites correctly if at all.

At Hedgehog Digital, we are, not only vastly experienced in building websites, but we are able to fill the marketing gap usually left by either inexperience or naivety. Why not give us a try as I know we will be able to ensure that everyone knows that there is now somebody at home!!!

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