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How to Add a New User to a Google Analytics Account

Instructions to add a new user to Google Analytics

How do I add a new user to Google Analytics?

Here’s how to add a new user to your Google Analytics account.

You can give anyone access to your Google Analytics account, provided they have a Google account.

Instructions to add a new user to Google Analytics

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Login to Google Analytics (login link) and click the Admin button on the top right of the page.


Click on the Users tab, then the + New User button.

Adding a new user to Google Analytics

Add the email address for the new user. The email address must be associated with a Google account.

Select User or Administrator. Each one gives you different access to Google Analytics:

Can look at and read reports, but cannot change them
May be restricted to specific profiles
Cannot modify any of the account settings

Has control like an account owner
May access all reports
Has permission to modify settings and can add other users
Can create profiles, filters, and goals

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