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How much is your website worth?

calc.jpgThe Internet network is sort of┬ácounting mechanism, a good example is a clock counting down your death ­čśë We all like┬áhaving fun, playing around and wasting time on the internet and do not often reflect how the algorithms work.

However, it appears that the algorithm is serious a factor to consider when estimating the value of your website or blog. A good example is Website Value Calculator To estimate that value, the script┬á uses data from the most popular and recognized statistic systems available on the Internet – Alexa Traffic Ranking and Google Page Rank and the amount of links to the blog/website. For example,…

  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 2,
  • Google Page Rank: 10,
  • Average of 57,950,000 backlinks from major search engines.

The script calculates indicators of potential profits, all sites have a potential of earning money, can earn approximately $5,825.895 per link per month from selling text link advertisements and approximately $9,135,000/Month through creative product placements, by placing relevant affiliate links on the site, could earn approximately $32,366.07 per month. Based on the fact is worth $1,561,822,935… Nice…

How much is your website worth? To improve that value, please feel free to contact our SEO team.

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