Google Wave – Google’s New Wave Maker

Since its announcement Google Wave has dominated the pages of tech blogs and news sites all over the world, this is set to be Google’s biggest product launch in years.

Google Wave Logo

Google Wave is a real time communication platform that combines aspects of email, wikis, web chat, social networking, project management and file sharing all in one powerful in-browser communication client.

Since Google announced this super communication platform, the buzz around it has been so huge that it outshone Microsoft’s Bing, coincidence or not Google announced Google Wave on the same day Microsoft confirmed Bing would be the name of its new search engine.

Google Wave is only available for a few lucky developers as an alpha version so we have to rely on reviews we found over the internet to talk about it.

Ben Parr from Mashable is one of the lucky users who had the chance to test it and posted a guide to Google Wave, even though the product is not even out yet.

Danny Sullivan from SEL was at the official announcement at Google I/O and live blogged about it.

When it is ready, Google Wave will be a live flexible stream of conversation to best suit users needs, a full integration with Google Docs is already confirmed plus the ability to handle any kind of data inside a wave.

To finish things of here is a video of Google Wave official announcement at this years Google I/O.

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