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Google Tweaks Search Results, Affects 35% of All Searches

Google has been updated and changed its algorithm so that searches will now consider freshness of content.

and the change will affect around 35% of its searches.

Google in a bid to provide results for recent content such as the breaking news, or the most recent sports updates.

Since the recent search engine update, when a timely search is made, the user should see results which are more appropriate.

Here’s an example for the term Greek Debt, a popular news story during November 2011.

Google Tweaks Search Results

This new results mechanism changes how we look at popular timely terms for search engine optimisation.

Subjects updated frequently, like the latest iPhone or a product review, will also benefit from the more timely surge in search results.

Importantly, Google will not impact every search in this way, they use the example of recipes. Recipes don’t date, therefore they will not be affected by these changes.

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