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Google+ is the Second Biggest Social Network

Google+ is making in-roads into the social networking landscape and quickly.

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A report released by Global Web Index demonstrates that Google+ overtook Twitter towards the end of 2012 becoming the second largest social network around. Of course Facebook continues to lead this landscape by a comfortable margin.

The research suggests that 25% of global internet users are using Google+ each month, with Facebook usage topping 50% of users. Twitter and YouTube follow up with 21% of the online population using their services.

Google have been quite aggressive in gathering users of their social network, utilising their other services like Gmail, Places, YouTube etc. to convert users to their social platform. This has resulted in 343 million active users signing up to Google+, whilst Twitter has 288 million active users.

Facebook enjoys a healthy 693 million active users per month, although there are over a billion total members.

Having failed in the past to gain popularity within the social space, Google are ploughing forward with Google+ and are determined to close the gap on Facebook.

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