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Google Issues, Opens the Door for Other Search Engines

Open Door Other Search EnginesI’ve previously highlighted that Google are making changes colloquially referred to as “Big Daddy” – and that further changes were in the pipeline.

The last few weeks it has become apparent that there has been a lot of Google inconsistencies, some sites are reporting 99% plus of their pages disappearing from Google’s index.

Google as ever is not publicly saying anything, however, our opinion is that Google implemented some new methods to rank websites and in the process, were too aggressive in deleting sites and are having to rebuild large parts of there index. We have noticed a lot more activity by Google in scanning sites, which lends weight to this hypothesis.

We have been very active in making changes and finding workarounds – whilst not overnight solutions we have had some good success in making sure pages are exposed in Google’s index.

More positively, whilst some sites may have lost some of their exposure, others have gained ranking. Also, due to the performance issues of Google, other search engine have benefited (Yahoo!, MSN, ASK etc.), with more searchers using these search engines. This is a positive trend, as it maintains pressure on Google to straighten out their problems and with a greater spread of searches across the different engines, your website is less reliant on one source of traffic.

One trend we have noticed with Yahoo! and MSN is that they are far quicker than Google to index pages. With searchers wanting to access up to date information, such as news, these engines are going to gain a march on Google!

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