Google Increases Search Experience with New Improvements

A couple of days ago Google officially announced two new improvements to its results pages, both aimed to deliver and guide users to the exact information they are searching for.

The first improvement involves the use of longer snippets for queries with 3 or more words, a “snippet” is the text you see below the link on Google’s search results pages. Google’s intention is to deliver as much information as possible to help the user decide what site is more relevant to his or her query.


Google say that for longer queries they want to show more information in the search engine results but there are a few areas where what Google has done is unclear.

How is Google formulating these longer snippets? Blending the meta descriptions tag with some relevant text within the page?

Do webmasters need to start creating bigger meta description tags for our pages? Or risk leaving to Google to decide what is more relevant?

We haven’t seen any of these longer snippets besides the examples given by Google’s official blog. So here is an image extracted from Google’s Official Blog.

Picture 8

Some people were worried that Google would show seven and not 10 results on a page but this appears not to be the case.

The second and possibly more  significant improvement is the implementation of a new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to the search query and then deliver more and better search refinements.

Search refinements are the suggestions made by Google related to your search query and can be found at the bottom or sometimes at the top of the results pages. Google has been trialing this in medical areas for quite a while now a search for “eczema” or “incontinence” has been showing refinements for a few months.

If you search for Kangaroo Leather Football Boots you will notice that at the bottom Google gives 8 suggestions to different football boots and by looking at the top two results for each of the suggestions made by Google nearly all of them don’t emphasize that the football boots are made with Kangaroo Leather and in some cases the term is not even on the page.


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