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Google Hides Keyword Referral Info

Google have upset many website owners with the needless removal of key analytical data. Here’s the lowdown…

Google Keyword SEO

Google recently announced that users that are signed into their Google account will, by default, find themselves on a secure Google URL like this –

Notice the ‘s‘ at the end of HTTPS.

Secure URL’s are normally used when a visitor gets to the payment stage of an online shop or when logged into an online bank for example.

So what’s the big deal I hear you ask…

Well before the big change, if someone visited your website via a Google search, you could see in your web statistics report that a visitor came from Google and what their search query was.

Here’s an example:

Google Keyword Referral

So for this search, if the visitor clicked through to our website, we would see in our Web Statistics that a visitor came to our site from Google and the keyword they used was “SEO Bedford”.

Now all we will be able to find out is that we had a visitor from Google, without the Keyword data.

So what impact does that have on your website?

In short Google have removed key information that helps website owners and SEO’s to improve their website.


Google claim its a privacy thing, however the fact that they are still sharing the data for people that pay to advertise through Google Adwords suggests otherwise.

We’ll be monitoring the changes carefully, so stay tuned.

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