Google confirms ban for more companies

Post by Maurice Walshe – Head of SEO at TH UK

As a follow up to the post a few days ago about Google Banning BMW.

In the past Google usually have been unwilling to directly confirm if sites have been banned or not, although a “reasonable” person might well have assumed this from hints dropped by Google insiders.

Now Google, formally via Matt Cutts speaking in his capacity as “head of the webspam group”, have confirmed that customers of SEO Company Traffic Power have been dropped from Google.

Matt says in a post on his Blog.

“I can confirm that Google has removed traffic-power.com and domains promoted by Traffic Power from our index because of search engine optimisation techniques that violated our webmaster guidelines“

Traffic Power is an SEO Company based in Nevada, that Google and others have said, violated Google and other search engines guidelines – for using tactics designed to artificially inflate a site’s ranking.

The ‘moral of the story’ is to make sure that you use a SEO company that uses ethical techniques, as the penalties can be severe and it may take six months or more to get a site fully back in the search engines index, if it has been banned.
We of course only use ethical techniques for our SEO clients. 🙂

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