Google Caffeine Update

A week ago Google announced that a large team of its search engineers have been working on a secret project, a new infrastructure that will improve indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and not yet confirmed ranking changes, named Caffeine.

According to Matt Cutts the changes are in how Google finds and indexes pages. Based on the blog post on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, the new Caffeine infrastructure will be able to crawl the web more comprehensively, which may include other ways of determining sites authority and reputation and off course return more relevant and quicker results with perhaps a better understanding of related words and synonyms.

We suspect that the Caffeine update may allow Google to improve its algorithms, as the faster infrastructure might allow the use of algorithms that are currently not practical with its current set up. This is similar to how bigger and faster computers allow ever better and cheaper computer models in films and TV shows.

Caffeine will be the next generation of Google’s search infrastructure and will gradually replace the existing one. In an interview to Web Pro News during last week’s SMX San Jose, Matt Cutts said Caffeine will represent a major in search and compared it to the 2005/2006 BigDaddy update.

Major changes like that one can not be done over night and Google knows that very well, that is the reason why they’re providing a “developer preview” for power searchers and developers to try it out, compare with the current search results and send them your feedback.

As usual, these upcoming changes have already generated tons of questions and theories in the SEO industry; some say Caffeine could make SEO more challenging others believe impacts will be minimal and that fundamental elements like site structure and good content will still reign.

From an SEO standpoint what you have to say, will Caffeine have major impacts in the way we do SEO today?

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