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FAQ’s Back Links for Beginners

Having good quality backlinks is one of the important factors in Search Engine Promotion. More than ever before, it is the quality of the backlink to your site that will help your website rank well in the search engines.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are website address links that, when clicked, will direct the web user to your website.

This is a backlink to our blog homepage –

Why are backlinks important? Backlinks are important because the search engines consider backlinks to a website as a vote of quality for the receiving website. Search engines will improve the ranking of websites that have good quality backlinks.

Will any backlink add quality to my website? No. Search engines consider the quality of the backlink that is pointing to your website. Here are some considerations.

Backlinks will carry more weight if they are;

From Well Ranked Websites – An established well ranked website with a backlink to your website will carry more weight than a backlink from a brand new website, with no ranking.
Relevant Backlinks – They come from a website that has relevant content to your website.
One of Few Links – The page linking to you has few backlinks (not generic directories).
Anchor Text – The link to you is anchored with your keyphrase.

This is an anchor text link to our blog homepage, the keyphrase Online Marketing Blog carries a hyperlink – Online Marketing Blog

From an Authoratitive Site – Trade associations, government sites, industry portals etc.
Contained in Content – The backlink is contained in content, as opposed to an advertising backlink at the bottom of a page.
Are Aged – Backlinks that point to a website for some time.

Understanding these principles is important when starting out on your Search Engine Promotion campaign. There are many other factors to consider, but backlinks should be given a priority when planning a Search Engine Promotion campaign.


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