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eMail Marketing: Tainted by Spammers

eMail Marketing I hate spam. Coming back from the extended bank holiday weekend, I was faced with over 400 spam emails. My spam filter catches the vast majority of them, the rest I block and my filter catches them next time around.

I get annoyed when the eMail Marketing Industry is tarred with the same brush as spammers. As an ethical Online Marketing Agency, we monitor closely what we are sending for our clients and educate them on the best and most ethical practices.
Back to today. As I said, my inbox contained spam and I filtered through those who had got through the net. I arrived at an email from a global cereal brand. I looked at it, as it carried this global brand and thought that I must have opted in somewhere along the line. That was until I realised that this message had been sent to a domain that I had only registered a month ago and was dormant. I set all emails sent to this new domain to be forwarded to my inbox, as I always do when I registered the domain. This message had been sent to Kelly? I have never heard of Kelly. So the email was Spam, of the worst kind, as this address had never been used.

So how did this household brand end up with this email address? I am still waiting to see, they have still not responded to my email outlining my annoyance with them. To be honest, my annoyance is not that they have sent the eMail to me, its who else they sent the message to as part of their eMail Marketing camapaign. How many other people will now get so annoyed with eMail Marketing that they would never touch it with a barge pole?

When I get a response, I will update this post.

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