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Why does my Company’s Website need SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is an on going practice of enhancing websites internal and external aspects to ultimately achieve marketing strategies laid down by the client, and the criteria dictated by search engines algorithms.

The practice of search engine optimisation can vary considerably; some SEO companies will gear the website towards the search engines and others will offer a broad spectrum of optimisation to attract search engines and human visitors.

Effective SEO ensures your website is presented exceptionally well and easily navigated to deliver what the user wants – and the search engine spiders can interpret, ultimately allowing the website to appreciate in value.

An overall assessment of the websites structure is very important to determine wheather a site is readable by a search engine. For example, whilst the use of ‘images’ and ‘flash’ is attractive and showy to a human visitor, the search engines cannot interpret an image or flash, an entire site built this way will definitely be at a disadvantaged unless the use of <alt> tags are attached to define what the images are displaying.

If your site cannot be read, indexed or added into a search engine database, the site will not be offered for selection and cannot be visible to visitors that can potentially turn into customers; the company will miss out on a profitable website that can provide revenue, publicity and credibility. Investing in search engine optimisation will provide your company’s website with a worthwhile purpose whilst delivering an excellent rate of return.

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