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Direct2 Communicates with the Help of TH UK

TH UK’s email campaigns more than live up to expectations.

When it comes to email campaigns, TH UK ( an online marketing agency from Bedford are the TOPS. So says Mark Regnier MD of Direct 2 Communications Ltd who are a mailing list database supplier from Rainham in Kent.

Mark has been looking to add email campaigns to his current marketing mix, but in the past felt let down by suppliers who he says, “made wild claims about their ability to produce, manage and deliver effective campaigns”.

TH UK proves to be the exception. Alan Spurgeon MD of TH UK says, “We always listen to what our clients have to say, we make sure to understand their needs and expectations. As a result Direct 2 Communications are delighted with our work”.

Indeed the glowing testimonial from Direct 2 Communications Ltd says it all and they are happy to recommend TH UK to their business colleagues.

For further information, please contact:

TH UK Online Marketing Ltd
On 01234 219 119 or email or visit the website

About TH UK
TH UK Online Marketing Ltd is a leading provider of online marketing campaigns and strategies.
Our powerful and scalable services enable our clients to improve the deliverability, relevance and responsiveness of their online communications and campaigns. Our suite of interactive products and services, have been developed to provide a multi disciplined approach to online marketing.

About Direct2Communications
Direct 2 Communications Ltd maintains a database of over 1.3 million UK business addresses. They pride their business on quality data and high levels of customer service.

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