Digg the Power of Influence

Digg is one of the most popular social networking sites, with millions of users from around the globe sharing the content found on the internet with the Digg community.

There are no editors at Digg, it is the users who decide how good the content is by voting or let’s say “digging” others peoples’ content found on the internet, so the more ‘diggs’ a submission receives, the more popular it becomes and when it reaches a certain numbers of ‘diggs’, the submission gets promoted to the first page.

That is when things get serious; the benefits of making to first page on Digg are numerous, from huge amount of traffic to 10’s maybe hundreds of links. We all know how important traffic and links are for  successful online marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns.

As any online community, Digg has its “Popular” users, or as they are called at Digg – “Power Diggers”, these are Digg users with a high success ratio in getting submitted stories to Digg’s home page.

Some of these “Power Diggers” are starting to take advantage of this popularity, by charging other people to submit and promote their stories to Digg’s home page. To submit a story the charge is $500 and to promote the story is another $700 making a grand total of $1,200 for a home page story.

Digg has a strict policy against spamming but in this case there isn’t much Digg can do to stop users selling their influence.

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