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Social Media campaigns can be very time consuming and tiring, but the benefits are well worth the time spent, think of all the links and traffic you can generate to your site as part of Search Engine Marketing with a good social media campaign.

The key to a good social media campaign begins with an old but still very important factor: quality content. CONTENT IS KING as over-used as that comment is, it is still very true. Quality content is what will make people return to your website, sign up for RSS feeds and link to you.

Begin developing your content by doing good research. Determine what your content should be about, what products or service you want to promote and then search for it in sites like Google, StumbleUpon and Digg or any other social media websites to come up with ideas to develop your content.

Give your readers all the information you can, don’t let them go elsewhere for the rest of your story. Before posting the article, ask yourself the same kind of questions your readers might ask and find those answers to make your content as informative as possible. Only if its necessary, link out to other articles that might add more value or verify your content.

Now that you have the content, you need to think about creating good social media accounts and which social media websites to submit to. So go out there and spend some time at those social media sites to understand how the community works, if it is worth submitting your content to it (e.g. if your content is about football or sports you don’t want to submit to a social site like Sphinn where all the content posted there is about SEO and SEM and stuff like that), and most importantly, make some friends, having a good, reliable network of friends will help you share your content and make it more popular.

Once you have submitted your content to the respective social media sites your job is not over yet. You need to remain involved and support your campaign. All votes counts and you should do everything you can to help your submission get to the popular pages, this is where your network of friends can help.

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