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Blogs – The Latest Trend!

Musicians, models, sportsmen, everyone’s got a blog these days!

Although here at Hedgehog we tend to develop blogs for business purposes, its very common for a blog to be used as a simple online diary too:

Blogs in the music industry: Most singers/bands have a blog on their websites. Some artists use it to write to fans directly and others use it to write about press information.

Blogs in the fashion world: There are so many independent fashion and beauty blogs out there at the moment and even high street chain Topshop have a blog. Asos, the ever growing fashion shop online has a fabulous blog that is updated regularly and makes a great read for fashion lovers.

Blogs in sport: Sportsmen such as David Beckham also have blogs, this is an effective way of them keeping up with their fans and logging their latest triumphs.

Perez Hilton, a name that if you haven’t heard already, you soon will! The celebrity obsessed blogger has become famous as a result of his blog. With his funny and often cutting remarks about celebrities, Perez now has his own TV show, can be heard on Radio 1 and has many other projects in the pipe-line.

If that isn’t evidence of a successful blog, then I don’t know what is!

Having a blog is the ‘in’ thing at the moment, have you got one??

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