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Bloggers Comment as you Surf

Late last year, Google released another great tool in Beta.

It’s called Blogger Web Comments. It’s currently only availableas an extension for those of us who have migrated from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Firefox (in fact, if you haven’t done so already, you should seriously consider looking at Firefox

Blogger Web Comments, pops up and shows you comments about the current website you are viewing when you load a page. All the comments are written by Bloggers around the globe. What’s more, yuo can add your own comments if you want to.

Although its early days, this could become a really useful tool. For example, when you want to do a bit of research about a particular website, the comments section pops up with its ready made research. Or maybe you are looking for a hard to find product, you find it on an unknown eCommerce site, the comments yo ufind may just give you enough confidence to make the purchase.

As I said, its early days yet, but if you have been using the tool, please let me have your feedback.

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