Bing’s Beta Version is Live

Bing – Microsoft’s new and improved search engine named went live two days ago, well at least the beta version of it. The official launch is due to coincide with Microsoft’s Dr. Qi Lu presentation tomorrow at Search Engine Land’s Search Marketing Convention SMX Advanced in Seattle.

As Live.com is still live and users can currently opt to use either service, so far what we are seeing is the preview version of Bing. However as of today Microsoft will replace Live.com with Bing.

Bing has been live for only one day and there are already thousands of reviews of Microsoft’s newly improved search engine available on the net. Unfortunately people outside the US are seeing a local version of Bing without most of the new features. If you can’t wait to exploit and play around with Bing, select United States as your default region.

(found this tip on Techmeme)

These two videos perfectly describe and explain how Bing works, they are both being used as part of Microsoft multi-million marketing campaign to promote Bing’s services and capabilities.

Microsoft Bing Search – Product Tour of Bing.com

Microsoft Bing “Decision Engine” Launch

Have you tried Bing yet? If so we would like to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please leave them in our comments section.

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