bing takes the first step towards real time search

Bing continues to innovate the way we search and it is the first search engine to start showing Twitter’s results from some “prominent and prolific” Twitters without the need of a add-on or a script, hence the “Twitter Search Results on Google” script and the “Twitter Search Results on Bing Firefox add-on”.

Since the 1st of July Bing has been showing real time date from a few iconic Twitters based on their followers count and volume of Tweets as well as their influence in certain fields. The SEO field is represented by Danny Sullivan do a search for [Danny Sullivan Twitter] or [Danny Sullivan Tweets] and you will get as the first result Danny’s latest tweets as well as link to see more tweets from him which will send you to his Twitter profile.

It is worth noting that Bing has no special relation or any kind of deal with Twitter and all data is coming from the Twitter API.

This new feature is not at its full potential yet, but we can expect innovations to roll out anytime soon as I’m certain Bing is not the only Search Engine looking into ways to integrate real time data to its SERPs.

All this makes me wonder, how long will it take to Google to respond to it? What are the search giant plans to deliver real time data in its SERPs? Will real time search results have any impact in ?

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