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Bad brands get Client Coal. Our alternative Christmas project.

Not satisfied with handcrafting 50 bottles of Conk Gin we had another alternative festive project up our sleeves, this time aimed at businesses we would love to work with.

We thought about what would cut through the noise at this jovial time of year, our answer was not to be jovial at all. Instead, we devised a cheeky plan to introduce ourselves to brands around the country.

Coal, in case you didn’t know, is given to bad children at Christmas. Why had our selected list of brands misbehaved? Well because they haven’t been making the most of digital marketing, aka. Us. Cheeky right?

Fast forward 50 origami gift boxes, 50 pieces of suitably sized hand polished coals later we created a website with individual landing pages for each brand. When, let’s say Cornish Seasalt, get our package a gift tag points them to the URL so they can ‘find out why they’ve been naughty’.

Here’s the big reveal; we explain, despite pointing a sooty finger, we in-fact want to get your brand on the good list in 2018, so let’s meet.

We will be sharing our results in the New Year, so keep an eye out and if you’re a brand that doesn’t want to get coal next year… you know what to do.

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