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AOL’s eMail Tax, Told to Move On

moveon.orgAmerican political group have criticised AOL’s plan to introduce a senders fee, to allow senders to bypass the AOL junk filters and deliver email messages straight into recpients mailboxes.

Eli Pariser, MoveOn’s executive director, said paying a fee to AOL could add significant costs to the weekly dispatch his group sends, “hundreds of thousands” of which go to AOL subscribers. During a teleconference with reporters Tuesday, he stopped short of calling for a boycott of AOL, but said such a move remains a possibility.

MoveOn are petitioning against AOL’s plans, due to take effect within 30 days. You can sign the petition, and read more on MoveOn’s petition.

AOL seem to think that by charging between 1/4 and 1 cent per message delivery, they will deter spammers. Surely it will also deter genuine broadcasters on a tight budget and those that are not for profit organisations? Is this just another revenue stream for AOL, or is email the next communication medium that will have its pricing controlled by the heavyweight divisions?

If AOL succeed in charging for email delivery, this would have serious consequences on the entire industry and many companies marketing programmes.

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