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AdCenter to Compete with Adwords

adcenterlogo.gif Microsoft have launched their innovative AdCenter programme, which is set to compete with Google’s Adwords – head on.

The Microsoft AdCenter is a pay per click advertising model used by many search engines, with a far greater focus on profiling the web user. Simply put, its a platform that will allow advertisers to target specific groups of consumers who are searching the Microsoft search engine.

With AdCenter, you can select click thru’s to your site from searchers by gender, age, location in the UK, days of the week and times of the day. This is a major breakthrough, as you can now limit your clicks to your target audience.

How do they know this information about the search engine user? Microsoft have 10m registered users of MSN instant messaging and 8.8m registered users of MSN Hotmail, this gives the a great deal of information to filter through to their adverts on and, their search engine.

With this filtering, Microsoft are in with a strong chance of gaining some ground on Google’s Adwords market share, but how long will it be before Google and Yahoo provide a similar offering?

We’ve been testing the new Adcenter. Although it doesn’t seem as easy as Adwords, the profiling is a great addition. However, it has been very slow to use.


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