Alan Spurgeon

A Quick Guide to Blog Writing

If you are new to blogging or not sure you are writing them in the most effective way. Then here are some useful tips to writing blogs to help you on your way (I have used TH UK as an example website):

1. Basically, the more you blog the more the search engines will recognise your site, so try and add a blog everyday, if not, at least a few times a week.

2. A fresh site that is being updated frequently always encourages visitors and search engines to come back and shows the company is active.

3. Good subjects for your blog: News about your company is always useful because not only is it informative but you can also add in the name of your company, for example ‘TH UK‘ or ‘Online Marketing’ which increase your keyword density and the search engines will find you easier.

4. Look out for any current stories that are relevant to you in the newspapers or on the T.V. These are great because you will show up in the search engines for even more terms.

5. Always make sure you link your blog to the relevant categories i.e. a ‘Website Developmentblog should always be linked to the ‘Web Development‘ category. As this will help the search engines find you quicker.

6. Try and add in the keywords of the blog as much as possible for example if you have a blog to do with Search Engine Optimisation, try and add that term in to the text and link it back to the ‘SEO’ category page. To do this: copy the url of the category page, then going back to your blog and highlighting the term you want to link e.g. ‘SEO’, click on the link tool and paste in the url and ‘insert’.

7. Google Alerts is a good source for articles in your blog. You will come across useful sites whilst using Google Alerts, bookmark these sites as they will probably be useful for subject matters in the future.

This may sound a lot at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy. Have fun blogging!

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