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87% of Small Firms Victims of Computer Attacks

Online cyber attacks are on the increase, how can your business be ready?

The number of cyber attacks aimed at UK businesses has increased in the past year, a Government report has revealed.

A report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills states that 87 per cent of small businesses and 93 per cent of large organisations experienced at least one kind of security breach in the past year.

Most cyber attacks come from criminals, hackers and competition so it is imperative that businesses take internet security very seriously.

Unfortunately firewalls, anti-spam, web-access filtering, and antivirus are sometimes not enough to fully protect your business website. Hackers are experts in finding exploits on websites and using them to gain access.

A recent study by Verizon into website data breaches highlighted that 92% of breaches come from external agents using multiple methods to achieve their goals, with 89% utilising some form of hacking and 79% incorporating malware.

Our WebProtect product protects your website and your website’s visitors from malicious code injections, attacks and infections. WebProtect is complementary to your anti-spam, anti-virus, and network firewalls.

The UK government’s Technology Strategy Board has extended its Innovation Vouchers scheme to allow small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to bid for up to £5,000 from a £500,000 pot to improve their cyber security by bringing in outside expertise.

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